Exhibition and convention owners can do better. 


While many industries are being disrupted by digital transformations, the convention and exhibition industry has remained relatively immune to change.


Established large events that benefit from platform network effects are being challenged by newcomers who think differently and provide more purposeful interactions and better experiences.  In today's environment, forging strong partnerships with the local ecosystem is a competitive advantage, and engaging in win-win location bids helps create better and more profitable events.


Equimore was created to help event owners who want to compete and set higher standards.

Let's use technology, data, creative thinking, and sound fact-based decision making to #createbetterevents together.

Equimore is an advisory and services agency helping convention and exhibition owners make event location choices and business strategy decisions.


We help #createbetterevents.

We understand large events.

We have knowledge of associations and corporations and all event functions from operations to marketing.


We know cities well.

We look for every detail in a location from hotel capacity to space in exhibition centers.


We think about business models.

We apply a business-savvy approach to finding solutions.


Laurence Mourasse
Founder & CEO

Laurence is an enthusiastic strategic thinker and team leader.


She participated in growing the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the largest B2B tech event in the industry, from 50,000 attendees to over 100,000 in 2016. She led the bid, negotiation, and design of host city partnerships for new event locations, resulting in MWC being held in Barcelona for the last 14 years.

Laurence has worked on numerous new product launches and growth strategies for the GSMA’s event business. She also oversaw the creation of ecosystem development programmes including the Mobile World Capital Barcelona or the mSchools education initiative. 

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Shankar Nair

Shankar is a management consultant who believes that good strategies are developed not by being irrationally exuberant about the future but by being analytical and using empirical evidence.


He assisted several executives in taking the leap to enter new markets, transform business models, break or form partnerships, and develop new products. He challenged deep-rooted beliefs and enabled executives to change and execute strategies with impactful outcomes.


Shankar believes that work ethic and commitment are essential to success no matter how talented the individual or how brilliant the strategy is. 

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You can count on us to bring a global perspective.

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